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About Us

Cascade Home Enhancement LLC

About the owner:

My Name is Noah and I am the Owner of Cascade Home Enhancement LLC.
I am a combat veteran of Iraq and just as my service to the country I take pride in my service to my customers.

I encourage my clients to start the conversation with an email, it's the fastest way for response. Send me any pictures, description, time frame, etc, and I can let you know where I'm at on a particular project.

Of course I love to speak in person and meet when we're ready to do work. Feel free to contact me any which way you choose.

How does your service stand out?

Cascade Home Enhancement LLC has been doing general contracting since June of 2012. We are licensed to work in Oregon, and specialize in roofing, painting, carpentry, remodeling, drywall, kitchen & bath, fence & decking, property maintenance and more.

Cascade Home Enhancement LLC is a small crew of 4-7 guys, handling jobs big and small ranging from a few hundred dollars in minor house repairs, to complete home remodels for $30-40k. Crew leads personally oversee all projects, and work with the team to complete all work.

Feel free to contact me or any of my references with questions about my work or what we can do for you.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

Cascade Home Enhancement LLC takes great pride in servicing our customers with communication, craftsmanship, and value.